Showit Canvas Collection

Introducing the Showit Canvas Collection made for Showit Designers by Showit Designers. Finally, a way to create stunning Showit Templates that will help you save time and money while making some passive income. Customize the canvases, resell them in your template shop, and sit back - it's that easy! Whether you want to use them for your own website or client projects, the power to grow is finally in your hands. Attract your dream clients, and watch your design business flourish today! 


from $349 for 2 months


"The collection is full of resources that I would definitely use when designing a website. All the extra work has already been done and it’s just a matter of adding in your own words, images and branding. I loved the extra inclusions like - FAQ’s, Timeline, My Favorite things…highly recommend this collection!"

- Anna


How it Works





Upon your purchase, you'll receive a PDF link which contains the share key to the complete Showit Canvas Collection.

Build & Customize

Start building your templates immediately! Swap out colors, fonts, images and create a template that's entirely yours so you can begin getting paid right away.

Sell On Your Shop

You've worked so hard to get here! Upload the template designs to your online shop and start getting paid right away! Then, pop the champagne and watch your design business take flight!

installing your template

See Showit in Action!

It's one thing to hear about it, it's another thing to experience it for yourself! Now, you too can see Showit in action. Use the link below to try Showit for yourself and learn just how phenomenal your brand truly is. There has never been a more perfect time than now!


"This canvas collection is absolutely stunning and such a value for my business! Such a timesaver and a no-brainer for any Showit designer. There are so many beautiful layouts that I don’t even know which ones to choose first. I’m so excited to have Sasha’s canvases to use in my templates and client projects."

- Kayla


Experience a few of the many reasons we love Showit!

Designing your own website has never been easier!

Featuring a phenomenal drag and drop system, Showit makes customizing your site a breeze and maintenance a walk in the park. Giving creatives the ability to finally have the website of their dreams.  

Showit seamlessly integrates with some incredibly useful software to customize your user experience such as: WooComece, Flodesk, Shopify, Wordpress and just about anything your creative heart desires! 

Showit has made blogging a breeze. Powered by Wordpress and presented with Showit, your blogs are now just as stunning as they are efficient and that's something we can all be happy about. Cheers to SEO!

Zero Coding Required

Plays Well with Others

Blogging Made Simple


2 monthly payments


one time payment

Introductory Rate

High design fees shouldn't prevent you from having the website you deserve. Stop dreaming about a website you love and start enjoying it today with two flexible payment options. 



"I truly loved working with this canvas collection because it helped save me so many hours of design when building my template shop. Trying to design templates while still running my business was time consuming and this canvas collection was a game changer to help me expedite the design process."

- Wanda


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Showit Canvas Collection for?

Our Commercial Use Showit Canvas Collection is perfect for Showit Designers that want to get their foot in the door with selling templates. It's the perfect solution for designers that want to save time and maximize profits.

Can I resell the Showit Canvas Collection itself?

Unfortunately, the Showit Canvas Collection itself is not available for resale. However, if you are a designer, you may use this canvases to include in your client's projects or your own website.

Am I able to customize the Showit Canvas Collection?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it! If you're familiar with the Showit platform, simply upload the share key after your purchase and begin customizing and building templates right away! 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We offer two easy payment options. You can pay in full and save over $100, or you can split your payment into two equal payments. Your product will be delivered to your inbox immediately after purchase.

Have a question you don't see? Send us an email, and let us know how we can help you!

"I loved how easy these canvases were to use. The collection provided a wide array of high-end feeling layouts. They were all clean and mobile ready, which is very nice when needing to get something designed fast but still having great quality. I would highly recommend these to any designer to have canvases banked for client design."

- Branilynn