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Template Customization for Showit Websites

Early in our career, we found ourselves right where you are now. Doing the research, jumping back and forth between "love it or leave it" esthetics, simply scouring the internet until finally finding the perfect website template that speaks to you. Only to find that the work is only beginning.  Often times,  templates still require added customization to make it unique and functional, and that's where we step in. We do the heavy lifting and implementation, you just drop the content and watch the magic happen. 

Our services include:
+ Unique customization of website
+ Basic SEO
+ Launch Plan Guide
+ 14 Day Post-Launch Support

A Template Customization may be right for you if... 

✓ You need a quick turnaround
✓ You're working with a tight budget
✓ You already invested money in a template
✓ You are looking to hand off the technical work

Megan Cherry

old world template

Bella Voi

ascalpha template

Blu Events

Old world template

Katelyn Orsi

BLUE MORPHO template

Adrienna Elcome

ascalpha template

Tara Hodges

Old world template


No matter how you choose to customize your template, the ease of a Showit template allows you to get back to what you love while launching a new site in no time. Customizing your template can be tackled as a DIY project or handed off the professionals. Check out some of our favorite DIY and MDC customizations below!

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Crafted to pair perfectly with your brand new website template, Customization is designed to offer everything you need to get your website off the ground while also making it feel more like your very own. Let's introduce your audience to a website that feels like your online home by making you shine through every inch of the internet. 

Template Customization

*Showit subscription can be purchased separately here

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Template Customization?
Template customizations are designed to provide you with a brand new online home within a fraction of the time as a custom site. If you have invested in a website template but find yourself lost in what to do next, template customization is the perfect option for your brand. 

Q: How fast can my template be customized? 
There are many variables with such a question. However, most template customizations can be completely within 2-4 weeks. 

Q: Do I need to use one of your templates?
We would love for you to find the perfect template with us, but, it's not necessary to purchase one from MDC. You can purchase any template you like through great designers and we would be thrilled to help customize it for you.  

Q: Who is a Template Customization for?
Template customizations are perfect for anyone ready to get out from behind a screen and back into doing what they love. Allowing yourself to hand off the technical aspect will allow you to dedicate more time to your craft.   

Q: Do you offer payment plans?
Yes! Payment options are available, however, full payment must be made prior to the completion of your project. 

Q: We want you! How do we book you?
Sounds great! Fill out the form on our Contact page and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! 

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