Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Vic and Sasha Barrera, a husband and wife team. Butterflies quite literally brought us together; we met at a company that raises caterpillars to butterflies! They also stand as a symbol of growth, transformation, and the beauty of new life. Having launched our own successful, full-time wedding photography company, we have learned a thing or two about creative branding. Sasha's extensive background in the graphic arts paired with Vic's passion for writing are here to help equip you with everything you need to launch something simply beautiful and functional. Come launch day, be ready for those inquiries to start flying in! 


Showit Design Partners

Because you deserve the online home of your dreams. And so does your business!

Fun Facts
EST. 2016

We met at a warehouse that raises live Mariposas (Spanish for butterflies). That's where we got the name Mariposa from! 

We met in 2011 but didn't start dating until 2015. We got engaged only a few months after dating!

We are a blended family. Sasha is a stepmom of 2 kids, Vic age 11 and Cat age 9.

Vic is a meningitis and heart surgery suvivor. 

Sasha is also an artist. The drawings you see on the website were all hand-drawn by her!

We were on the cover of a magazine " Bakersfield Life" for the December 2019 issue. It was an article about our family's journey through Vic's heart surgery. 

We love to cook meals together! Our favorite's include homemade teppanyaki, street style tacos, pasta dishes, and the occasional chocolate chip cookies from scratch!

Our favorite place to visit together is the LA arts district because of it's urban setting and unique charm. 

Apart from designing websites, we are also full time wedding photographers over at Vic & Sasha Photography!

We lived around the corner from one another and didn't find that out until we met at our former jobs.