About Mariposa Design Co.

Creativity cannot be contained, it spreads its wings and takes flight. Mariposa Design Co. was established with the belief that every brand goes through transformation along the creative journey, and that's ok! After all, the greatest brands in the world started on the ground floor. But, there is something so sensational about your brand and we would love to help you showcase it to the world.

How we help build your online empire

Our mission is to design stunning websites that evoke brilliance and capture the essence of your brand. Mariposa Design Co. is a dedication to the creative spirit that drives our daily lives, to that affect, our offerings cover a wide array of web design needs. From one-of-a-kind custom design to starter website templates, to project based assistance - we have you covered.   


Vic & Sasha Barrera


Throughout our journey to capture the greatest love stories ever told - as photographers, we discovered a passion for helping creatives in the wedding industry who were struggling to showcase their brands with the world.

Our passion for the arts with an ability to design high functioning websites enabled us to better understand our calling for serving the creative community and we have never looked back.

An artist and a writer got married (sounds like the making for the perfect TV show right), and what resulted was the design studio you see before you today. It would be our pleasure to learn all about you and discover the ways we can uncover the true potential of your brand.

Showit Designer of the Year 2022

Words cannot express how proud we are to be named Showit Designer of the Year for 2022. We want to give all praise to the most high, for whom all things are made possible. To the phenomenal team at Showit, your commitment to serving others is the most outstanding display of selflessness we have ever known. Thank you for continuing to lead the industry with integrity and outstanding character. To our family, friends and creative partners who have made this possible through their continued trust in our art: we love you and will do all we can to live up to this wonderful title. It's a beautiful life, gracias por todo.  

Vic and Sasha


(noun) the process of transformation

"I feel so grateful...

"I am so happy that I hired Mariposa Design Co and feel so grateful that I have found a company I can trust for any future branding and site updates I need. They genuinely are here to help businesses succeed and thrive."

Katy H.

seattle wedding photographer

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Free Brand Guide Workbook

Have you been wanting to update your brand image but don't quite know how? Our 19 page Canva Brand Guide Workbook offers a step in the right direction!