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On the DIY website struggle bus? We'll show you 11 proven ways that will help convert passive website visitors into raving clients! 

The next big step: investing in yourself! There has never been a more important time to push forward like today. More clients are online than ever before, so making an unforgettable first impression is vital. That's why we dedicate our time to putting your best foot forward in a way that works for you around the clock. 

You've done so much work getting to this point in the creative process and it shows. The late nights, the bottomless coffees, the countless up hill battles - they've all lead you here. 

Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are Vic and Sasha Barrera, your husband and wife designer friends - here to make sense of all the little details that make branding so difficult. We've spent years in the wedding industry learning how to brand ourselves to the ideal audience through impactful copywriting, stunning design and invaluable SEO processes. Combining these tools with our love for the arts, we've enjoyed helping creative dreamers become creative achievers across the past 5 years.  Whether you're looking to start a brand from the ground up or elevate your current brand we have some incredible methods for getting you found online by your target demographic. 

It's our most humble belief that the journey is unique to everyone, so there isn't a pushy sales pitch or a slick call to action. We just want to applaud you for taking a walk towards the ledge and looking over it, because making it this far in your voyage is deserving of applause. But, if you decide it's time to take that leap of faith, we'll be here to show you how high you can truly fly. 

We aren't in the business of making cookie cutter websites. Our focus is to build awe-inspiring brands that evolve with you; throughout a creative journey like none other. 


Vic and Sasha



(noun) the process of transformation

Showit Designer of the Year 2022

Words cannot express how proud we are to be named Showit Designer of the Year for 2022. We want to give all praise to the most high, for whom all things are made possible. To the phenomenal team at Showit, your commitment to serving others is the most outstanding display of selflessness we have ever known. Thank you for continuing to lead the industry with integrity and outstanding character. To our family, friends and creative partners who have made this possible through their continued trust in our art: we love you and will do all we can to live up to this wonderful title. It's a beautiful life, gracias por todo.  

Vic and Sasha

Our Timeline


Vic and Sasha meet and instantly become close friends at "Insect Lore" an educational retailer that rears live butterfly larvae. Story has it: Vic never officially introduced himself to Sasha. Scholars maintain that these details are inaccurate.  


Vic leaves "Insect Lore" in pursuit of a networking career. Sasha picks up photography and captures her first wedding. A friend mentions Showit and Sasha immediately joins, creating her very own website.


Vic and Sasha reconnect and immediately pick up where they left off. Vic falls ill with bacterial meningitis, it nearly takes his life. Sasha remains by his side every step of the way. He proposes immediately upon recovery, after only 5 months of officially dating.  When you know, you know. Ya know? 
Vic and Sasha Photography is born.


Shortly after getting married, Vic has open heart surgery. One of the most challenging events of our lives. When he recovers, we make every effort to be intentional with our time; so we leave our 9-5's and pursue entrepreneurship full-time. 


We begin offering web design for wedding professionals and Mariposa Design Co. emerges. Our ability to pair visually stunning designs with functionality allows us to begin working with a wider range of creative industries.  


Our visits to the desert offer enlightenment and friendship. The amazing creatives we have admired for so long become family seemingly overnight. The cherry on top:
We win Showit Designer of the Year! 

We are so grateful to all our wonderful family, friends and client's support along the way!

Featured on Spark

The fourth edition of Spark presented by Showit is filled with work by so many talented designers, creative concepts and innovative ideas designed to inspire readers while shaping brand identity in a manner that encourages growth and promotes uniqueness.

We are proud to be featured in this publication, in it we share our insight into a tool every designer should utilize, Canva! Pick up a copy for yourself using the link below and ignite a spark for creativity. 

creative inspiration anthology


"I feel so grateful...

"I am so happy that I hired Mariposa Design Co and feel so grateful that I have found a company I can trust for any future branding and site updates I need. They genuinely are here to help businesses succeed and thrive."

Katy H.

seattle wedding photographer

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One-of-a-kind Showit websites for your one-of-a-kind business

A custom build is always the most ideal. It allows your personality to shine for the world to see! Today there are countless websites that are all too familiar, allow us to design a spectacularly unique online home catered to your vision!



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Have you been wanting to update your brand image but don't quite know how? Our 19 page Canva Brand Guide Workbook offers a step in the right direction!

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